• Hi welcome to Cheese Warriors! I, Fivestartaco is the offical leader of Cheese Warriors!Please
    Join on the join page, otherwise have fun!Visit our
    Chat too!
    The time has come-
    And danger lurks in ev-ery corner-
    Theres no hope left until-
    Lights shown u-pon soldiers..of cheese?
    Proud Stand Cheddar!
    Proud Stanf Swiss!
    I, Fivestartaco IS PROUD TO BE CHEESE!!

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-Leading Eras-


Era of Dragionoid (2006-2010)

Era of Fivestartaco (2010-?)

Era of Puffer1019 (2008-2010)

Era of 123brd (2009-?)

Era of GaryJr1200 (2010-?)

Era of Kiara00 (2010-?)




The Official creator of this army,was a beta but hacked and now,banned forever.She is also know as Fivestartaco,Dragionoid had been banned recently,4 months ago[Day written: June 4th].


The Creator of this army. Nobody knows why Cheese Warriors was created,was it for fun,or world domination nobody knows why.But Fivestartaco was also the leader of Ice Squad,later hacked.


The war legend,been around Club Penguin armies for a very long time. He was believed to lead “Betas of Club –Penguin” Fought in the Brother War of Club Penguin Armies,lead through sad times. His orignal penguin was TheLegend,later banned and became “Thelegend102” and now,Puffer1019.


Ahhhh. 123brd known to everyone and Bird.But she is known to be a creator of this army too,she lead Ice Squad. I call her Flabby and sometimes bird.


Might be one of the very few Irish members of Club Penguin armies,never joined,but been Colonel with me in Ice Squad Generation 11. He led Irish Troopers,but find unsuccessful,and later merged into who we all love and trust,Cheese Warriors.


Not the first to join,but 2nd to join this new site of Cheese Warriors(2007-2010),wasn’t in the early Cheese Warriors(2006-2007) but one of the active ones of Cheese Warriors.


I know Fearblu has just joined bu,She is the most ACTIVE soldier in Cheese Warriors,she might not know much in Club Penguin warfare but who said one penguins can’t learn new tricks?


Kiara00 is very active! She is a fearless girl! She has been in a few armies and has her own! She is SO active that she was moved up to Supreme Cheesy Leader in about one week! She knows alot about Clubpenguin warfare and learns more every day!  

To Be Edited By The Future Of Cheese Warriors

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