• Hi welcome to Cheese Warriors! I, Fivestartaco is the offical leader of Cheese Warriors!Please
    Join on the join page, otherwise have fun!Visit our
    Chat too!
    The time has come-
    And danger lurks in ev-ery corner-
    Theres no hope left until-
    Lights shown u-pon soldiers..of cheese?
    Proud Stand Cheddar!
    Proud Stanf Swiss!
    I, Fivestartaco IS PROUD TO BE CHEESE!!

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                                    Generation 1

Hall Of Fame:

  • Dragionoid – Creator (Retired)
  • 123brd – Creator (active)
  • Puffer1019 – War Hero (Retired)
  • Kkabc123 – First To Join 😀 (active)
  • Iceeblu101 – 2nd To Join 😀  (active)
  • Kiara00 – Very Active! She has awesome ideas! (active)

Leaders Of CPCW:

  • Dragionoid – 1st Leader (retired)
  • 123brd – 2nd Leader (active)
  • Puffer1019 – 3rd Leader (retired)
  • Iceeblu101 – 4th Leader (retired)
  • Yoshi1098- 5th Leader (active) Rank taken by-
  • Kiara00- 6th Leader (active)

                                Generation 2

Hall Of Fame:

  • Fivestartaco(dragionoid) – Creator
  • 123brd – Creator

Leaders of CW

  • Fivestartaco (active)
  • 123brd (active)
  • Kiara00 (active)



6 Responses

  1. Thats real nice

  2. Don’t look at meh I didnt edit it.

  3. Ok…

  4. do we get free CHEESE?

  5. Puffer, it’s me Ek or Ekpenguin9. I was creator alongside Skater of the once thriving bit now dead army the Dark Republic. I was sad to see my very army pass me by but when I looked through the pages I see a comment left by you in 2010 with a link here. I didn’t except to see anything but you posted around a month ago. I have not forgotten you as one of the most active troops in DR and a great friend. If you are back to armies please say as it would be fantastic to meet you on chat again. I don’t know if you shall respond or perhaps I will forget to comment again but it was nice to know your still around once in a while.

  6. Great to see your on occasionally. I have a new xat account if this ever happens so I would probably be on some pacific chats. Anyway, great to talk to you. 😀

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