• Hi welcome to Cheese Warriors! I, Fivestartaco is the offical leader of Cheese Warriors!Please
    Join on the join page, otherwise have fun!Visit our
    Chat too!
    The time has come-
    And danger lurks in ev-ery corner-
    Theres no hope left until-
    Lights shown u-pon soldiers..of cheese?
    Proud Stand Cheddar!
    Proud Stanf Swiss!
    I, Fivestartaco IS PROUD TO BE CHEESE!!

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Screw This.

I don’t know why you guys think you can revive this army. Every army revived will eventually fall again. Theres no hope in this army no more. Also, I would like to know why there is only 2 people in the users. I never assigned Admin to anyone.

This army is dead. It has lived many Golden Ages, but let this army Rest In Peace.

Let’s go back to the start ->


  • It was made long ago, like 1-2 years. This old site has been through a lot
  • The first couple members were some of my friends from school
  • We grew, and like y army leader, we were glad. When wehit the medium Top 10, we started to shrink again
  • One month later, we went back down to small
  • I quit, and my cousin took charge.
  • We grew, but then, once at medium, we shrunk again.
  • Invade our first server, Mountain
  • We grew
  • We shrunk

~Soldiers became brats~



Cheese Warriors will, not go on. On my behalf. No one is going to own Cheese Warriors. I will be the one and ONLY Admin. Just make a different army. Cheese Warrors will be and always, mine.